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Article publié dans le magasine cyclisme.net en juin 2010 (ils sont super étonnés et content)

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Article publié dans le magasine cyclisme.net   en juin 2010 (ils sont super étonnés et content) Empty Article publié dans le magasine cyclisme.net en juin 2010 (ils sont super étonnés et content)

Message  gauduc Dim 16 Déc - 17:58


How would you like to increase your cycling performance while at the same time improve your general health? And when we say increase your performance, we mean really big gains.

Before we tell you what ASEA is lets talk about what ASEA is not.
ASEA is not a pharmaceutical. It is not a drug. It is not dangerous. It is not toxic. It is not doping. It is not a vitamin. It is not anything you have ever seen before.

So then you ask, what is ASEA? Well, ASEA is the greatest supplement to come along to boost sports performance in the history of sports performance. And we know what you are thinking; “I have heard that before.” So have we, and that is why we were complete and total skeptics when we were first told about ASEA. The old too good to be true seemed to fit the claims that ASEA was making. But guess what? The claims are fact. The product works, and in both the lab, and on the bike, ASEA exceeds all expectations. With huge increases in VO2max and lactic acid flushing by 5 to 10%.

ASEA is classified as a supplement, with only two ingredients. They are distilled water and sodium chloride, and yes you heard that correct, only two ingredients. So then you have to be asking how does distilled water and sodium chloride improve my performance? Redox Signaling, that is how. So lets dig a little deeper into what Redox Signaling is.

Redox Signaling is the science of how the body repairs itself on a molecular level. We talked to the ASEA expert Dr. Gary Samuelson (who wrote the book “How The Body Heals Itself”) about Redox Signaling and how it effects the body. We will try to simplify the very complicated science what we learned. At a cellular level, the body produces two different types of reactive molecules that support virtually all of the functions of the immune system and tissue regeneration response. These reactive molecules are naturally created in the body during the metabolism of sugar that produces ATP, the body’s primary source of energy. They participate in intra- and inter-cellular damage-control communications, activation of antioxidants, cellular protection and defense against toxins and free radicals, and in the healing response.

The human body is constantly working to maintain cellular health by balancing these reactive molecules to rid the body of harmful components and to clean up the oxidative stress and free radical damage that occurs at the cellular level. When these reactive molecules are in the proper balance, the immune system and healing process function at their optimal level.

In independent studies, it was shown that ASEA when in contact with living cells increased the efficiency of some of our body’s most important native antioxidants (Glutathione and SOD) more than 500%

It should be noted that ASEA has done a very large amount of studies that back their claims. Below we have linked to some we feel are of importance to the cyclist looking to get as much information as possible;

* Independent Drug Testing – Nothing found in ASEA is classified as a banned substance
* ASEA Endurance Trial
* Reactive Molecule Verification
* ASEA Safety Report
* Independent Quality Assurance Declaration for ASEA

So how has ASEA worked out for Bicycle.net? Well, I can honestly say that I am completely amazed by the improvements that I have been able to make in not only my during the race recovery, but also my overnight recovery. I am a life long CAT4 criterium racer who at best has been a middle of the pack, hang on for your life, hope to get my heart rate down and finish racer. But not any more. I am now able to help dictate the speed and pace of a race.

> During a race I found that I was able to lower my heart rate much faster than before. Before ASEA I would get my heart rate up to 186 bpm, and find it next to impossible to get it back down as I slide to the back of the peloton. But now I find that after a big effort on the front of the peloton I can get my heart rate back down around 50% faster than before. In the last crit race I did I was able to attempt to breakaway three times (yeah, they caught me every time, but that is another story for another time) and still recover and flush the lactic acid out of my screaming legs while still in the top 15 of the peloton.

> My max power output increased at the same time my heart rate dropped about 10 bpm lower than before ASEA. I am also able to maintain my higher power output and lower heart rate for a longer period of time.

> While on ASEA I felt that my body’s ability to recover overnight was greatly enhanced. In fact I have found myself going on harder and harder training rides and still feeling as if my body was at top performance for the next training ride.

> I have always had a sensitive digestive system and would get stomach cramps drinking fluid on the bike. But since taking ASEA I have been able to drink enough fluid to replenish my body without getting cramps. In fact I was able to nail my hydration last November when I did an Ironman Triathlon, and while others were double over with cramps I was in digestive heaven. I even took ASEA while I was in the Ironman on both the bike and the run.

> There is this hill climb I do on a weekly basis in which my best time ever before ASEA was 17 minutes flat. After taking ASEA I was able to lower my PR on the climb to 15 minutes and 20 seconds. And without feeling as if I put out any more effort than before. I had friends who I usually ride with me ask what I was taking because I was a different rider. When I told them about ASEA most just shrugged and passed it off, but the one’s who did not and gave it a try are seeing the same level of improved results that i have.

> ASEA recommends that you take it 2 ounces in the morning and 2 ounces at night. I have been taking it 1 ounce in the morning, and 1 ounce at night, and on race days I take 4 ounces the night before, and 4 ounces on race morning. Seemed to work great for me.

> The only thing I can say about ASEA that would be a small negative. And that is the smell and taste of chlorine. It has the smell of chlorine (from the sodium chloride) and a very slight taste of pool water. But after taking it for a few weeks I did not even notice the chlorine taste anymore and at this point it is part of my daily ritual. For the record the product does not have chlorine in it, and it will not hurt you any way.

I was so tempted to keep ASEA a secret for as long as possible so that I can keep that competitive edge over the peloton. But with all great products, the word gets out, and Bicycle.net wanted to keep you on the cutting edge of sports performance. Once you try ASEA you will have to make the same decision, keep it to yourself and your teammates or share it with everyone.

To keep with our policy of full disclosure, it is important to know that ASEA is a MLM (multi level marketing) company. But you do not have to sell ASEA to use ASEA. You can just go to a distributor and buy from them. But if you are the entrepreneur type, you certainly could try to build a business around ASEA.

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